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I was over the moon to be awarded a gold medal for my Conceptual garden at Hampton Court Palace Flower show.

I want to say a huge thank you to my main contributors – the RHS, Benchmarx joinery and Pantiles nursery, without whom this garden would not have been realised to it’s full potential.

Also, to my fantastic builders – John-William, who led the project, and his dad Bill who worked incredibly hard to get the garden finished in 18 days.

I’ve had some really great comments and articles about the garden – especially in The Independent. I also found a YouTube clip thanks to Contextual gardens.


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Conceptual Garden for Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2011:

It’s been a long 18 days building with lots of ups and downs – weather wise we had everything – rain, wind, blistering heat, more rain and beautiful sun for the last few days. Mid week was a low point when panic set in and I really didn’t think I was going to get it finished – I had that sick feeling and didn’t sleep for 3 nights. However, my family came up trumps and all piled in from every angle: my Mum came and helped paint on the 2 hottest days of the year and has been all around everywhere finding bits and pieces that I have needed, my Dad came up and laid turf and cleared rubbish, Charlie shifted rubble and soil, my sister painted and encouraged – and most importantly they appreciated and shared in what I was doing which helps spread the load!

My builders, John-William and his dad Bill, worked tirelessly – often on site for 12 hour days, the plasterers didn’t leave until they were happy that they had achieved a perfect finish – even working weekends. All in all, I had a great team who helped me get the garden together. I left the site this afternoon with it ready for the discerning team of RHS judges tomorrow morning. Here are some photos of the finished garden. Now I can relax a little I can start the enjoy the show – it’s such a stunning place to have been working (although I often forgot that when exhaustion set in) – but it is a privilege to be a part of such an awesome show!
For anyone who doesn’t know the background of the garden – it’s an outdoor art gallery where planting compositions have been inspired by the following artists: Monet, Hockney, Rousseau, Kandinsky, Mondrian and Hirst…

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