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10 weeks ago I planted up a green roof on top of our bike shed.  The shed is on our front drive so a fair few people wander by and see it, and quite a few of them wondered what I was doing – and then they wondered why. “Why not?” I would say – it’s a place to plant, good for bees etc etc….still, people looked a touch bemused!

Bike Shed February 2012

Now, the plants are taking off – even though all the plants I used are drought resistant, the last few weeks of rain has definitely given them a good start.  And now when those same neighbours walk by, they all comment on how lovely it looks – hopefully the trend will catch on.

Shed roof May 2012

The plants I have used are: Armeria maritima, Ballota pseudodictamnus, Stachys bazantina, various Thymes and Alpine strawberries.

Shed roof May 2012

If you have any questions about plants for green roofs, please do get in touch and I will help in any way or point you in the right direction.


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